Monday, December 13, 2010

The CTC year in review

We had a great meeting last Thursday-- a lot of energy and good discussion. If all goes well, we will start the spring by taking a tour of a major in-town connector trail and begin construction soon after. Hooray!

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to take a moment to remind you all how far we have come over the last year:

It was November, 2009 when Dan Mahon and I held our first meeting and trail tour. The tour took place near Crozet Park and there were 4 people present. Dan and I continued to talk and get the word out over the winter and then in April of 2010 (just 8 months ago!), the Crozet Trails Crew was formed. We didn't have a name yet (that didn't get decided until the May meeting) but we were excited to start building trails. In the spring months to follow, we spent several weekends at the Beaver Creek reservoir working on the Henley Hornets Trail. In June, we began work on the Greyrock Ponds Trail, clearing vegetation and discussing drainage problems. We worked through the summer and into September and by the end of October, we had designed and constructed a set of long steps leading to the Greyrock Ponds that would both control the erosion problems and provide an attractive entrance to the trail. By the end of October, we had also designed a banner, business cards, brochure, and an informational booth; we had marched in the Crozet Parade and worked with several volunteer groups; we had set up a booth at the 2-day Crozet Music Festival; and, quite impressively, we had organized and launched the First Annual Crozet Trails Day event. October was a phenominal month for us! Soon after that, we began working on the trails at Mint Springs and discussing opportunities for new projects for 2011.

It has been an amazing year and I want to thank every volunteer, sponsor, supporter, and event attendee. You all are influential and so motivating-- and I am confident that the CTC will flourish in the years to come with such a fantastic community behind us.

Happy Holidays to you all and I'll see you in 2011!!

Jessica Mauzy

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Agenda- December 9th meeting

Trailside Coffee, Crozet
Thursday, December 9th, 2010
6:00 pm-8:00 pm
· Agenda Review (Jessica Mauzy)
· Introductions if new people are present (Name, interest in the Trails Group)
· Updates from “Action Items” from last meeting *
· Discussion of Building (Labor) activities:
o Work at Mint Springs Park
o Work on the Crozet Connector Trail (Licking Hole to Cory Farms)
· Discussion of Planning (Logistics) activities:
o CTC involvement in lobbying for better bike routes/ paths (Watch Video, talk about RealCrozet blog entry- bike/walk to schools)
o Ideas for marketing campaign?
o Writing The Letter- discuss timing and language
o Crozet Trails Triathlon? (September 2011?)
· Next steps- next Group meeting – Thursday, January 13th (Jessica Mauzy)
· Adjourn
* Action Items (From November meeting):
Dan M.- Send out some talking points regarding the corridor acquisition letter
Chris L.- Gather information about status of bike lanes in Crozet
Jessica M.- Investigate T-shirt options
Jessica M.- Secure a CTC treasurer and send out reimbursement checks

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trailwork and meeting

Fa la la la la la lal alalal.
'Tis almost the season for family and food and celebration and holiday functions. Before all that hits, why not come out and do some trail work?
This Saturday, the CTC will be at Mint Springs from 9am-11 or so, working on clearing brush and preparing to build an overlook off the Fire Road trail (looking east).
The bigger the group, the better!
Bring pruners, loppers, and small hand saws if you have them. Gloves would be good too, as there are some briar bushes that need to be eradicated.

On Thursday, we will have our December meeting at Trailside Coffee, from 6pm-8pm. I will post the agenda next week.

I am really excited about some new ideas and developments, so I hope we have a good group at the meeting.